Play-based Learning

Play is an imperative part of learning for children. We are dedicated to providing a play-based learning environment that allows our children the time and opportunity to carry out their own ideas through imaginative play in order to process information in their surroundings in an experiential, exploratory way. The teacher’s role in play-based learning is to provide the children with stimulating, imaginative ways to play and to act as a guide in their exploration of nature, the arts, music, and social skills.

Our classrooms are set up in sections designed to foster child-lead play and exploration, with a home/kitchen area, sensory table, reading nook, and space with blocks, cars and other open-ended toys. During free-play times, teachers help to facilitate developing social skills and encouraging curiosity and learning along the way, participating alongside the children.

Kindergarten Readiness

Our curriculum meets and exceeds the learning standards set forth by the State of South Carolina for kindergarten-preparedness. Each classroom begins their day with a circle time, during which their teacher guides them through a welcome, music & movement, a discussion for the day, calendar, weather, the pledge, and a large group lesson, which integrates:

Sensory Learning: Crafts, art projects, and lessons designed to promote and hone fine motor skills development.

Math Skills: Learning age appropriate math skills such as identifying, matching and naming shapes, numbers identification, and both concrete and abstract math concepts.

Language Development: Promoting a love of reading and writing through development of phonetic skills, recognizing sight words and, most importantly, by reading together every day!

Cultural Studies and Sciences: We integrate STEAM practices and cultural studies in our daily lessons throughout the year.

Physical Education

We believe in caring for the whole child: educationally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. In addition to daily outdoor play time in our well-kept, age appropriate playground, OSLS offers optional extracurricular activities including:

Dancing Little Stars: A mobile dance company offering children age 3 to 6 years of age beginning ballet and tap instruction.

Amazing Athletes: A multi-sport program to introduce the fundamentals of 10 different sports (soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, football, track and field, baseball, and golf) in a non-competitive environment. 

Soccer Shots: An engaging children’s soccer skills building program with a focus on character development. 

Field Trips

Our students get the opportunity to participate in a variety of field trips during the year. We host guest speakers from our community here at our facilities and also participate in off-campus field trips such as a visit to The Children’s Museum of the Upstate and the South Carolina Children’s Theater.

Some of our favorites include:

  • The Wade Hampton Fire Department

  • Greenville County Sheriffs Office

  • PAWS Wildlife Rescue